Projections Design



Willamette University Theatre, September 2016

bobrauschenbergamerica is a lovestory to and about the United States. Using the work of artist Robert Rauschenberg as our inspiration, the performance becomes a collage - a collombine - of Americana, American, America. The sound design is a tapestry of US composers, musicians, and atmospheres. Boundaries of high and popular art collide with the romantic, nostalgic, the patriotic, the urban, and the rural. The design highlights great American photographers in collage that supports, adds tension, and offers multiple perspectives of the moments emphasized in the scenes.


Maresfield Gardens

Theatre 33, August 2016

Maresfield Gardens is a solo performance written and performed by Susan Coromel. Alone in Anna Freud’s consulting room, a woman comes to terms with her life in the shadows. Born into the Tiffany family fortune, Mary “Mabbie” Burlingham searches for the reasons that have driven her back to her Mother’s home shared with Anna Freud. Maresfield Gardens. The sound design highlights Mabbie's memories and supports the rhythm and layered texture of Mabbie's state-of-mind. The projections design was developed from a mimiograph of a children's book written and drawn by Mabbie. The design animates the book and at the end of the production, destroys the book.